Codex 2.1.1 is a bugfix rlease, no new features have been introduced. A big thank you to everybody who reported bugs, had patience while I figured out how to squash them and helped to test the fixes.

If Codex continues to be useful to you, or I’ve fixed an issue you were experiencing in this release, please do consider donating anything you can to encourage future development. Codex 2.2 will bring new features, so stay tuned!


  • Direct speaking through a screen reader when books are copied to the clipboard has been removed as it was causing the application not to start for many users.
  • Codex will no longer report a filetype as unsupported if the file extension is in upper case.
  • For users without Kindle for PC installed, the Options dialog will no longer require a valid Kindle content directory to be set before options can be saved.
  • An occasional crash when the author and/or title couldn’t be retrieved from a Kindle file has been safeguarded against.
  • calibre and the included DRM removal tools have been updated to the latest versions.

As always, you can download this release from the project page.

Happy reading!